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Patient Symptom Reporting

Including app and wearables data collection (coming soon)

Specialist Registry

With research output and quality indicator reports.

Communication & Document Distribution

Prescribe version controlled documents.
IBD Remote Outpatient Care v4 was released on schedule. Now to version 5 with central information repository integration built in.
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NHS Skype appointments increase clinic appointments: https://t.co/WahYsNaXPb #remotecare #virtualconsultations
Big news - IBD Remote Outpatient Care v4 is ready for release this week. New forms, better UI and document library. #Crohnsandcolitis
We’re working with usability specialist Andrea Taylor to make the next release of the ROC patient app the best yet… #Crohns #PalliativeCare

openbrollybrandAbout openbrolly Health

We started development of our remote outpatient care framework in 2013, working closely with NHS Highland and Crohn’s and Colitis UK to produce a comprehensive clinical dashboard closely aligned with the condition and an app to collect patient data.

Since then we’ve carefully grown the system working closely with clinical and technology partners. We now integrate with core systems and have features like document management, specialist patient registry and two way messaging. We are currently working with IBD, Cancer, Palliative Care and Diabetes. And we still ensure that we deliver tangible benefits and sustainability.

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ROC: Digital Solutions for Transforming Outpatient Services


openbrolly Heath’s award winning team has partnered with clinicians, charities and the NHS to develop Remote Outpatient Care (ROC). This is a proven solution for supporting patients with chronic conditions at home as well as their carers, community support and provides MDT meetings with up-to-date, accurate information.

The product offers a patient facing app with delivers accredited and vetted information and collects symptoms and holistic needs from patients. It also offers optional two-way online, tracked communication.

For clinicians there is a comprehensive dashboard with rule-based alerts, patient information graphs and tables and treatment summary completion. The system can also provide reports and statistics for management and quality indicators.


ROC can integrate with core systems, including Docman, SCI Store and TrakCare.

ROC is already in use supporting IBD, cancer and palliative patients and has been built to support other conditions, multi-morbidity and use across organisations.
We also support paper based systems and manual input, recognising that not all patients will move immediately to a digital pathway.

As well as solution development, we also offer a range of consulting services for digital health developments, including technical feasibility, commercialisation review and planning and project management.

Crohn’s & Colitis Self Reporting

With financial support from Crohn’s and Colitis UK and working with NHS Highland, we have created a patient self reporting mobile app and clinician dashboard for Crohn’s and Colitis patients. This enable remote support, diagnosis and new care pathways to be created. They service is hosted within the NHS infrastructure and on openbrolly Cloud servers.

The system is now being rolled out to other NHS areas and has been trialled in Ireland.

Palliative Care at Home

Working with Highland Hospice, we are trialling a remote support portal for palliative care offering personalised advice, videos and one-to-one teleconferencing for patients who are receiving care at home.

This service includes physiotherapy advice and is being rolled out to other clinical teams.


Transforming Care after Cancer Treatment

Funded by the Macmillan Transforming Care after Treatment programme, we are developing a portal for cancer patients to access personalised advice and securely receive up-to-the-minute information about their condition. Working with a number of partners, the portal also provides signposting for both clinicial and non clinical information – such as financial advice and support for improving fitness and wellbeing.

ROC System Overview

Patient Symptom Reporting

ROC allows the patients to enter symptoms on a daily, weekly, monthly or other periodic basis. The questions are tailored to the patient’s condition avoiding unnecessary form filling.

Specialist Patient Registry

ROC can collect condition-specific information providing a valuable resource for patient care and research. Information can be shared and exported as required.

Quality Indicator Reporting

Information collected can be rapidly transformed into quality indicator reports offering timely, accurate and efficient information production.

Electronic Holistic Needs Assessment

We are integrating standard eHNA forms for completion by patients. (Q2 2016)

The Library – videos, audio, documents

A complete library of accredited and approved information can be included in the library, including links to external sources. This ensures that patients, carers and community supporters have access to the best information with which to take control and research the condition.

My Documents

A personalised library of information created by a combination of documents relevant to a patient’s condition,  to the patient or carer’s  specific needs based on HNA and documents specifically “prescribed” by a clinician.

MDT – Pre-meeting Summary

A summary of collected information – from the patient or elsewhere – for use in the MDT meeting or by specialist nurses supporting a patient.

MDT – Outcome recording

The outcomes of MDT meetings can be recorded and shared with core systems and, if desired, third parties including primary care.

Treatment / Care Plan Creation

Treatment plans can be created, pre-filled with information already available in the system. The document can then be shared with primary and secondary care, carers, the patient and other support organisations.

Two way communication

Patients  and carers can send messages securely to a specialist nurse or other care team member. In return they can be send messages together with specific documents from the accredited library.

Clinician dashboard

A clinician dashboard provides alerts based on received information – for example we use the  Harvey-Bradshaw index to process symptom information provided by Crohn’s patients and provide a score and, if necessary, an alert on the dashboard. Alerts can be generated based on new messages received or a patient has not interacted with the system recently.

My Story

A personal, private blogging facility for patients supporting reflective writing.

Decision Trees (coming early 2016)

Interactive decision tree functionality guiding patients or consultants through a decision making process, potentially including supporting material. Operates on mobile, tablet and desktop.

Interface with core systems

Information and documents collected and generated by ROC can be exported to virtually any third party system that can accept electronic data ensuring information is available beyond the immediate care team.

 Contact us! You can give us a ring on 01309 638077 (or, if you’re outside the UK: +44 1309 638077). You can drop us an email at enquiries@openbrolly.com. Or you can connect on Twitter: @openbhealth. Finally, feel free to pop in: Horizon Scotland, Forres Enterprise Park, Forres, IV36 2AB Scotland.